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Yes, that's right. DC has finally all but driven me away. The Convergence "event" of April-May 2015 followed by radical changes to its line-up and main characters (Superman powerless most of the time; Batman is now Jim Gordon in armor; Aquaman is now the undersea barbarian on the run from an Atlantis ruled by Mera; and it gets worse...) has succeeded in driving me away from monthly pre-orders at least. I may sample some in digital, but I don't hold out much hope any of it will be bearable; I may end up getting a couple of things in trade collection, but that remains to be seen. There is a lot of older stuff they are slowly dribbling out in collection which I will doubtless be getting, the first thing being a hardback omnibus of George Perez's Wonder Woman run from the late 1980s, which I've already pre-ordered. But for now at least, DC will be getting virtually nothing from me for monthlies.

Tales of Honor

Pulp Reprint Series
The Spider Double Novel (approx. quarterly)

Various collections, including Fantagraphics' Prince Valiant hardcovers as they appear

(Updated 25 May 2015)

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