Wednesday, June 20

The Return of Dallas

This post is, admittedly, a little late, but I just got finished watching the second episode of the new TNT show, Dallas.  Yes, the great night-time soap opera from the late 1970s-early 1990s is back, telling the story of the next generation of Ewings, their wheelings and dealings and backstabbings.  Best of all, J. R. Ewing is shown not to have committed suicide as was implied in the final episode of the original series, but is back, evil-grinning and chewing up the scenery with renewed vigor.  He truly is the epitome of the Magnificent Bastard.  During the early years of its original run, watching Dallas with my grandmother on Friday nights was a weekly ritual.  A generation later, I already have a new weekly ritual -- watching the new Dallas with my mother on Wednesday evenings.

Yippee-ki-yay and Cheers!

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