Wednesday, April 17

MAN OF STEEL Trailer 3

I think this is the first post I've ever made just for a movie trailer, but I want to a) call attention to it (and be able to get back to it easily and quickly -- because I'll be wanting to do that, and frequently, over the next few weeks); and b) make just a couple of off-the-cuff comments.

My comments, in no particular order...

1)  I like it.  My comment on a Facebook thread was simply "WOW.  Just ... WOW."  It looks great.  It does not completely allay my worries, that were just last week rekindled by an Internet article regarding this week's Entertainment Weekly issue.  But in itself, it does seem to strike the right tone and balance of down-to-earth character development and slam-bang super-heroics.  Look at that last scene -- You will believe that's two Kryptonians fighting!

2)  Along those lines, I approve of the excision of the lines from an earlier trailer, where Clark asks Jonathan, "Should I have just let them die?," and Jonathan replies, "Maybe."  I just cannot imagine Pa Kent saying such a thing.  No.  Just No.

3)  I'm always a bit leery when the Christological elements of the Superman mythos are pushed too far (as all too frequently happened in Smallville).  They're very clearly present in the mythos, and very clearly here in this movie, though.  But I really wish a single word had been added to Jor-El's response to Lara:  "How [will they kill him]? -- He will be a god to them."  Yes, I know it's very personal, but I would not have cringed so if Jor-El had said, "He will be like a god to them."

There's plenty else that could be said, but these are my quickest comments.

The Comic Book Blog has a good breakdown of the scenes and images in the trailer.

14 June seems a long ways away....

Cheers! ... and Thanks for reading!


  1. Prior to that trailer beng posted I had not really been tracking this film all that closely. But the trailer sold me completely .... now I'm fully on board and excited about it. Hope it doesn't disappoint.

  2. Me too, pal, me too. By the way, I'm loving your 2nd (?) blog ... you really ARE "fully on board"!