Tuesday, September 23

Random thoughts inspired by the “Satanic Black Mass”….

Well, the “Satanic Black Mass” went on as anticipated a couple of days ago in the Oklahoma City Civic Center.  It was attended by a few dozen – reportedly about half the number that were expected [LINK].  About the same time, near and far, various forms of reparations were being offered for the blasphemous sacrilege that was being perpetrated on the Body of Our Lord – from protests outside the Civic Center greatly outnumbering the “Black Mass” attendees within, to Masses and Holy Hours all across the land.  Our weekly Traditional Latin Mass was lengthened somewhat by the addition of prayers of reparation; when we arrived back home afterward, EWTN was in the middle of a Holy Hour.  Which means that, however demonic was the intent of “self-proclaimed Satanist” Adam Daniels (allegedly above) and his ilk, the event became the occasion for a great many much more powerful acts of public witness to Catholics’ belief in the Real Presence of Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament – the center of our Faith.

There was no other response to be made.  However I quipped (at the expense of my Episcopalian friends) that, since there was apparently no real consecrated Host present to be profaned (the Bishop of Oklahoma City pulled off a brilliant coup in his successful suit against Daniels based on the Host they had admittedly stolen being just that – stolen property – and forced its return! [LINK]), what we had here was not really a “Black Mass” at all but rather something more akin to a “Black Episcopalian Liturgy,” the intent to commit an act of blasphemous sacrilege invoking the darkest of spiritual forces was clear.  Ideally (in their warped minds) that would include profanation of a consecrated Host … and what does that say?  I say that fact in itself is a powerful witness to the Real Presence of Christ in the Sacrament, and only in the Catholic Sacrament.  Notice how you always hear of a “Satanic Black Mass” centering on profanation of a consecrated Host? – which doesn’t mean little square things indistinguishable from oyster crackers!  And it’s always a “Black Mass” – never a “Black Worship Service” or a “Black Prayer Meeting.”  What would that even be? – Come together, sing a few dirty songs, hear an “inspiring” sermon about Satan (be shaken down for money), ending with an unholy altar call?  … No – when the Enemy wants his followers on Earth to strike at the Creator, it’s always in the form of a “Black Mass” with profanation of the Host.  He knows who's got the real deal.

But also consider how this incident highlights the difference between Christianity and Islam.  The Bishop of Oklahoma City dropped the lawsuit after the Host was returned.  And the fact is, that under our laws of religious freedom, even this perversion of religion must be permitted to go on.  All we can do is pray that it will not seduce more deluded, lost souls into Satanism.  The best response toward that end is exactly what was done – peaceful protest and a groundswell of witness to the Truth.

Peaceful protest – no violence.  No death threats.  No riots.  Which are the typical response of those who profess “the Religion of Peace” in submission to Allah, the “most loving, the most merciful God” – over newspaper cartoons?!  Even burning the Qur’an or flushing it down the toilet pale as real offenses beside stomping and spitting on the Body of Our Lord!  And yet I’ve not heard of the first suicide bombing or televised beheading related to what went on in Oklahoma City Sunday afternoon.  And you won’t, because in contrast to Muslim outrage at such perceived affronts, which are born of anything but “love,” love truly is what motivated the many protesters and worshipers gathered in Oklahoma City and across the country, doubtless around the world – love for Our Lord, love even for the misguided wretches who were even then intent on profaning Him and were nonetheless the object of our prayers, that they might repent and know the true Love which is Christ Jesus.

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