Tuesday, May 31

DC Comics' Big Announcement

Well, even as I was putting together the last post, I was watching stuff appear on my blogroll at right about the Big Announcement DC Comics just made. I've just skimmed through DC's own blog postings:

as well as the first of my linked blogs' reactions – which just about sums up my own reaction.


I don't have a whole lot to add to what Martin Gray over in Edinburgh has to say, except that I have great trepidation. I happen to like a lot about the current DC Universe, even things I was initially skeptical of in concept (Dick Grayson as The Batman? Multiple Batmen?).  I'm trying to take a “wait and see” attitude toward all this, but I keep remembering what one of the podcasters I listen to repeatedly cautions – every jumping-on point is also, and it seems even more likely, a jumping-off point (John Mayo, Comic Book Page).  That's something the industry just can't stand.  I have a colleague who just a couple of months ago finally succumbed to years of influence by me and started getting his own comics (rather than just reading mine) - if there's too radical a change he might be lost altogether.  Indeed, it remains to be seen how much my own comics “pull list” as listed above will change in a short time.

More thoughts to come, I'm sure.

Not feeling so cheery right now....

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