Friday, May 27

Why another blog?

Well, first I've got to confess doing something incredibly stupid. I actually started this blog a week ago, then in attempting to delete my latest entry and just start over with it, I accidentally deleted all the entries. $#!%!

Okay, deep breath. Now... I can't reconstruct all that I had, but luckily I had a draft of the most recent entry saved elsewhere, and I can reconstruct some of the earlier ones fairly easily, so all is not lost. Completely. But when the computer asks you if you really want to do what you're telling it to do, don't think twice! Think three or four times!

Anyway, as to the question that is the title of this entry. That was the title of my very first entry a week ago. The short answer is that, ever since I started my Perry Rhodan Reading Project blog a few months ago, I have kept reading other stuff at the same time. And I have sometimes felt the urge to record my reading and reactions to those works as well, but didn't want to clutter that blog with irrelevancies. So here we are. I doubt this blog will be quite as in-depth as the Perry Rhodan blog, for which I feel, given that there is remarkably little information to be found on the web in English (it's mostly in German, the language the PR series was, and continues to be, first published in), with that blog I'm filling a real niche. Hopefully I'm making my own small contribution toward building up enough support for a renewed publishing effort for PR in English that we'll one day be able to read past about issue #150 (approximately how far the American publishing effort went in the 1970s) in English, perhaps one day all the way to the issue #2600 that is fast approaching in German. And maybe I'll live long enough to see at least the beginnings of that renewed English publication. So if push comes to shove, I'm giving that blog priority over this one.

Because with this blog I don't pretend to be filling any such niche. This is more an exercise in narcissism. Just giving me an opportunity to sound off about what I've been reading (and probably watching) and what my reactions are to it. Again, I'm not going to go try to do any kind of in depth analysis. Most of the time it will probably be more of a log than anything else. But any thoughts that come to me as I'm entering those entries will go down. Because a picture is worth a thousand words, I'll usually throw up some kind of cover shot as well. I hope anyone who comes across this blog enjoys reading it, maybe is introduced to something that they've never come across before and goes on to read and enjoy it themselves. In that way I can consider myself giving a little something back to those authors who give me enjoyment. I likely will be critical of some works. If I don't like something I'll say so. I may even say why, but I'm not going to feel any great need to justify my reaction. If I like it I like it, if not I don't, and that's just the way it is.

Who am I? Well, I am indeed a professor, of Early European History, at a small state university in Louisiana. And I am indeed “absent-minded.” Just ask my wife or anyone who knows me. “Absent-Minded Professor” has been my persona in several different internet venues for a number of years. Often I use a picture of Fred MacMurray from the movie of that name as my avatar.

What do I read? Besides my professional reading, which will not be recorded here – as I say up top, if you want to know about that, either track down one of my scholarly articles or take a class from me – I read a bit of the following, in no particular order other than this is the order they occur to me now:
  • pulp adventures (Doc Savage, The Shadow, The Spider, et al.)
  • comic books (mostly DC Comics, very little Marvel and some independents mostly in collected form)
  • science-fiction
  • historical fiction
  • fantasy (Tolkien)
  • urban fantasy (The Dresden Files)
  • mystery
  • crime fiction
  • the occasional popular thriller
  • and so forth
And too much television usually of the same genres. As I said I'll probably include some of that as well, but I doubt it will be as full a log of whatever I happen to watch.

Anyway, I hope the reader who comes across this new blog of mine enjoys it. If not, just move along.


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