Wednesday, March 21

Insightful post regarding John Carter and Disney

I don't often just post links to other blogs, but the John Carter Files post here gives a lot of what I think is very insightful analysis of the whole debacle.  Hidden therein is a point I tried to make as well in my comments, the opinion that this movie will age well and ultimately be recognized as undeserving of the shameful treatment it was given.

It's by no means a perfect movie.  But a lot of worse movies have been commercial -- even cultural -- phenomena.  (Yeah, I'm looking at you, Avatar.  Hey, just my opinion.)

Scroll down the John Carter Files post for a couple of examples of what I think would have been far superior marketing strategies.


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  1. Kent,
    I've been watching the reactions as well on this, and it strikes me that, yes, the movie goes down well with those who were weaned on the books (scientific poll sample of, oh, 4 people, I believe). Meanwhile, those of my students that I thought would like the movie (sample size...6?) have generally disliked the movie. None of them, though they are rabid sci-fi and comics types, have read any of the series.