Tuesday, May 13

Tales of Honor #2 (Image Comics-Top Cow, 2014)

Continuing a five-issue adaptation of On Basilisk Station, by David Weber.

There's not a whole lot I can say about this second issue that I didn't say about the first [LINK]. My overall assessment remains the same, that it holds up very well as a graphic novel adaptation of the introductory volume to David Weber's ever-expanding Honorverse, told through the memories of the main character, Honor Harrington, looking back on her first starship command from captivity and probable execution as a war criminal. I will emphasise that script-writer Matt Hawkins seems to know the Honorverse like the back of his hand and by this narrative device provides a unique perspective that makes this a refreshingly original version of a story I've read and reread in Weber's original prose. It is not simply a straight illustrated retelling of the original “tale of Honor,” but manages to be something that both contributes to this longtime aficionado’s appreciation of the Honorverse and is, in my opinion, accessible to someone unfamiliar with the world and characters. I hope there are comics fans who will be turned on to the novels by this new presentation, although I've seen no sales data and have no idea how these first couple of issues have done. My hope is, very well.

The artistic strengths and weaknesses remain the same – Sang-Il Jeong's and Linda Segic's art is beautiful in its own right, although I would again wish for closer adherence to the uniform- and ship-designs established by the books while being at the same time grateful that they depart no further than they do. The glaring exception to that latter point continues to be poor Nimitz, who continues to be visually unrecognizable as anything that could possibly have been dubbed a “tree-cat”! In the “Science Class” pages at the end, however, there is a dark but somewhat more “catlike” image presented with the following acknowledgment:

The biggest source of concern from the pre-existing fans has been Nimitz's appearance. This has abeen a work-in-progress from day one and has been altared many times. Balancing the idea of a cute and cuddly cat-like creature with six legs, while correspondingly being a bad ass is not the easiest thing to convey visually. I'm not an artist, but I feel for the multiple people who've taken a stab at this. This image with additional fur will be usued in the second arc of the comic series Tales of Honor: Honor of the Queen [the second book in the series].”

It's definitely a step in the right direction.  Not there, but closer....

For Honor! – Cheers! – and Thanks for reading!

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