Tuesday, May 8

Geographical Ramblings in the United Kingdom

In recent years, my wife and I have made a couple of historical tours of England and Scotland.  In 2008, during Spring Break, we started at London, working our way around and up to Loch Ness, and ultimately flew back home out of Glasgow.  In June 2010, our then-fourteen-year-old son joined us in a whirlwind tour starting at Edinburgh, travelling into the Western Isles, then south ultimately back to London from where we departed.  Both trips were entirely self-guided, focussing mainly on places of historical interest to myself as an historian specializing in early medieval Britain.  We did a lot of other fun stuff as well.  Along the way both times my wife and I each kept copious notes and took hundreds of pictures, which ultimately resulted in my putting together extended illustrated travelogues that allow us to revisit those wonderful days and share them with family and friends.  I have now completed reformatting those travelogues and have posted them here for all to see and, hopefully, enjoy.  The two trips respectively may be joined by clicking on the pages UK 2008 and UK 2010 just under the banner at the top of this blog.


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