Tuesday, October 9

Perry Rhodan #19, Mutants vs. Mutants (1972)

By Clark Darlton

When Supermen Clash

The Mutant Master Monterny has been defeated - for the time being.  But as long as he lives there is the potential for sudden danger.

If the New Power is to survive and Chaos is not to grip civilization instead, the secret center of the mad genius must be discovered and destroyed.  To this in Perry Rhodan's Mutant Corps accepts its greatest challenge and the Duel of the Mutants begins, a duel that introduces -

The beautiful telepath, Tatjana.  Involves Pucky the mischievous mouse-beaver.  And soars with the reader into space.

It all takes place in - MUTANTS VS. MUTANTS.

- from the back cover.

For my thoughts on the English paperback edition of this episode from the long-running German science fiction pulp magazine series, go here.


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