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DC Comics – December 2013, New 52 Month 26

A record of the DC Comics that I read that were released during October that I received near the beginning of November. Caution: Linked reviews may contain spoilers! [Link to previous month]

Well, as I hoped, I did enjoy this batch of comics better than previous months. Simply not feeling the constant pressure to read overly critically (in the technical sense of the word) and take notes geared toward having something “meaningful” to say about each and every issue was liberating. And it sure did speed me up! I can't tell you how relieving this is. Comics have been part of my life, to one degree or another, all my life, and while I couldn't imagine giving up on them entirely, working my way through that stack every month was really getting hard. Plus the prospect of six or eight hours, all told, composing that bloated monthly roundup post that I had been doing....Putting together the illustrated list with review links is, comparatively speaking, a piece of cake. Not that everything was bad, it just wasn't fun anymore. This month was different.

Before jumping to the comics themselves, just to show how these heroes do resonate (even if the source material is often impenetrable to new readers – and not at all “kid friendly” these days), here is a heart-warming story that's been getting a lot of play the last few days.

And here's a really nice tribute to Batkid by the cast of Arrow [link].

There is no way you can't grin (perhaps a little tearfully) and applaud the Make-a-Wish Foundation, and the people of San Francisco, for what they gave that little boy.

Here are the comics....

Comics solicited for release 2 October

Forever Evil #2 of 7

Earth 2 #16

Action Comics #24

Batman/Superman #4

Detective Comics #24

Comics solicited for release 9 October

Superman/Wonder Woman #1

World's Finest #16

Superman Unchained #4

Superboy #24

Batman #24

Even at seven bucks' cover price, well worth it for the new spin it puts on the old story of the origin of the Joker.

Batgirl #24

Nightwing #24

So Dick's staying in Chicago. Of course, we know now that his whole world is about to come apart in Forever Evil.

Comics solicited for release 16 October

Justice League #24

Supergirl #24

Zor-El-cum-Cyborg Superman does kind of redeem himself here.

Batman and Two-Face #24

Batwoman #24

Birds of Prey #24

Red Hood and the Outlaws #24

Comics solicited for release 23 October

Justice League Dark #24

I confess I just flipped through this one quickly without reading it. Jeff Lemire's departure gave me a jumping-off point, even with the continuing awesome art of Mikel Janin. I've been looking for titles to cut, and this one became one.

Teen Titans #24

And I confess I'm not really sure why I keep this one. But I do. I guess that I just have more of a connection with Tim Drake, Wonder Girl, Kid Flash, and Superboy than I do with Deadman, John Constantine, and Zatanna, even if these aren't the versions I would really prefer.

Aquaman #24

So this is a continuation of the “Death of a King” story.

Superman #24

Batman: The Dark Knight #24

Talon #12

Comics solicited for release 30 October

Aquaman Annual #1

Another "Others" adventure.  DC has to be grooming this team for a book.  I'd probably give it a try.

Teen Titans Annual #2

Read this first because at the beginning of the Action Comics Annual, Superboy refers to this issue as having just happened.

Action Comics Annual #2

Nightwing Annual #1

I've always liked Dick-plus-Babs, but it looks like that's not in near-future plans, but neither would be the interesting possibilities of Dick-plus-Sonia what with his move to Chicago, which seems confirmed here.

Digital Comics

Smallville Alien Weeks 1-3

Smallville: Titans Week 3

And that's it.

Cheers!, and Thanks for reading!

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