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DC Comics – November 2013, New 52 Month 25

Well, my OCD is indeed getting the better of me, to a certain extent. No, I'm not going to restart blogging the New 52 with pages and pages of commentary [link]. But I have liked having a record of what I read each month ready at hand here on the blog, as well having a quick link to [link]'s compendium of reviews for each issue. So I will put in the work each month to compile and post that much – yes, starting with “Villains' Month” which I finally finished trudging through a couple of weeks ago.  As usual, my reading is delayed by roughly a month from the comics' official on-sale date since I receive my comics by once-a-month shipping from Discount Comic Book Service [link].

As to the news round-up I used to start with, it was never very thorough in the first place, and I don't like being constantly negative – which it's too easy to be when talking about DC these days. Any news items that do compel me to comment will get their own separate post in a more timely manner.

As to these particular issues, I just couldn't bring myself to take notes as I went along, and frankly most of the issues are pretty forgettable. As I figured I would, I consider this to be basically a wasted month – and the most wasted money I've ever spent on this hobby. But I do like having the quick links to various reviewers for myself to refer to if need be, so I am putting this little bit of work into it before going forward and hopefully wiping the bad taste of “Villains' Month” out of my mouth. Truthfully, without the pressure of reading toward writing something “meaningful” for each issue, I have already enjoyed the next month's issues (which I've mostly finished already) more than I can remember in many months. But I do not believe my growing distaste with the direction of DC Comics is totally due to my own issues (pardon the pun) – I just do not like some directions they have taken. More perhaps on those points later.

Anyway, the new introductory paragraph going forward will read:

A record of the DC Comics that I read that were released during September that I received near the beginning of October. Caution: Linked reviews may contain spoilers! [Link to previous month]

Comics Solicited for 4 September Release

Forever Evil #1

Justice League #23.1: Darkseid

Earth 2 #15.1: DeSaad

Action Comics #23.1: Cyborg Superman

Superman #23.1: Bizarro

Batman #23.1: The Joker

Batman and Robin #23.1: Two-Face

Detective Comics #23.1: Poison Ivy

Comics Solicited for 11 September Release

Aquaman #23.1: Black Manta

Earth 2 #15.2: Solomon Grundy

Action Comics #23.2: Zod

Superman #23.2: Brainiac

Batman #23.2: The Riddler

Batman and Robin #23.2: The Court of Owls

Comics Solicited for 18 September Release

Action Comics #23.3: Lex Luthor

Batman #23.3: Penguin

Superman #23.3: H'El

Batman and Robin #23.3: Ra's al Ghul and the League of Assassins

Comics Solicited for 25 September Release

Justice League #23.4: Secret Society

Justice League of America #7.4: Black Adam

Aquaman #23.2: Ocean Master

Batman #23.4: Bane

Batman/Superman #3.1: Doomsday

Digital Comics

Smallville Season 11 Weeks 67-69

Smallville: Titans Weeks 1-2

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