Tuesday, September 13

Action Comics #903 (Sep 2011)

“Reign of the Doomsdays, Part 3”

Hmpf. Well, it seems that my impatient jumping-the-gun to read the new Action Comics #1 led to this interesting situation … I still have yet to blog about the last issues of the previous series. Oh well. This is going to be quick – no reflection meant on the quality of the story, which I'm quite enjoying. It's just that I'm so backed up I'm going to really really make an effort to keep things short.

In this issue we discover that the Eradicator, when his body was destroyed a couple of issues back, transferred his (its?) “consciousness”/programming/whatever into some of the alien tech that Luthor attached to Doomsday in order to clone it. He's now learned how to control the monster … more or less … and he joins up with the “Super-family” and their allies (including Titans and Leaguers) in defending Earth from the other Doomsday clones. Meanwhile, Superman has himself literally shot into Doomslayer's pocket universe ship. Even though I question the whole idea of Superman needing a cannon to boost his velocity to breach the pocket universe – especially since he's apparently still flying slow enough for onlookers to be able to see him as he goes in – there is a cool shot of him floating himself into the barrel feet-first atop the S.T.A.R. Labs building. Anyway, once in, Doomslayer blusters at him even as he makes his way to the engine core – then pushes the “informational engines” to maximum, sucking Superman into them with a great “YARRGHHH!” “Next: It's the Final Countdown.”

I must say briefly that although certain aspects of Kenneth Rocafort's art grew on me the last couple of issues, I did prefer Alex Giménez's this go'round.  Rocafort did the cover, though.  Do Superman and Superboy look oddly stiff to anyone else?


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