Monday, September 26

Batman: Gates of Gotham #4 of 5 (E. Oct 2011)

“Part Four: The Gotham City Massacre”

Finally, I'm into the last month of the old DCU.  That's how far behind I am in my reading and blogging. Anyway....

The murder of his brother by the Kane family, and Alan Wayne's callous refusal to help him seek justice, show Nicholas Gate that he is indeed, as Wayne puts it, “[not] one of us – and you never will be.” So, clad in the diving suit, he begins his own war of revenge against the Kanes that comes to a swift end with his own capture, but not before he kills Robert Kane (– ? – Bob Kane? – the creator of Batman? – there's some kind of metacommentary going on here, I'm sure!). In the present, the Bats deduce that The Architect's plan is to drown Gotham City by destroying the Kane Bridge which is integral to a retaining wall extending along the entire East Side. As they race along in the Batboat, Dick examines Nicholas' journal, recovered from the Elliots' newspaper archives, and he and Cassandra have an interesting conversation born in his ruminations on the nature of Gotham: “Like it or not, Gotham has royalty and they stretch back to the origins of this city. She protects her own – but if you don't belong here, she'll never keep you.” She doesn't buy it: “Everyone experiences tragedy. Tim, Bruce … you and me. … It's not about the city. It's about how you choose to see the world.” Something either in what he reads or what Cass says inspires Dick to announce, “I know how to stop him … By proving everything he believes is a lie.” – “Next: The Architect Revealed.”

One thing we still don't have: Confirmation – or refutal – of the implication that The Architect is indeed Nicholas Gate, along with the mystery of how he would have survived over a century if that is the case. Personally, I suspect that The Architect will turn out to be a descendant or someone else connected to the Gates, but that's not the implication so far.

It is interesting that Snyder and Higgins are taking the tack that there were no really "good guys" among the founding families of Gotham.  When pressed, Alan Wayne lines up in solidarity with Cobblepott and Kane.

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