Tuesday, September 27

Adventure Comics #529 (Oct 2011)

“The End”

… well, not quite, at least for the story-arc overall, but yes, for this narrative strand of it. Having defeated the Academy teachers, Cosmic King now faces the cadets in two waves but is prevented from wiping them all out by the courageous self-sacrifice of Variable Lad. Which brings a dose of reality to the cadets' visions of heroism – especially Gravity Kid. Although all the cadets' bravery means that, as Bouncing Boy put it, their “odds of making the big team went way up tonight,” Grav declares, “Life's too short for me to worry about that, Teach. … The Science Police have a trailing spouse spot for my on Takron-Galtos. And I'm going to join Jedidiah … I can do some good there … and I'll be where I'm supposed to be … with him. … I only hope the rest of you find your destinies, too … and don't end up like Oaa.” The others are speechless as he turns his back and trudges off, except Comet Queen: “Uh, 'bye … I guess ...”

While "same-sex marriage" is not part of my morality system, remember that the Legion stories are set a thousand years in the future.  For good or ill, it does seem to be the way society is trending, and it is quite believable for the world portrayed here.

Of course from announcements made already it's clear that a couple of the cadets will quickly join “the big team.” But I've liked Adveture Comics' recent focus on the Legion Academy and am sorry to see it – and one of DC's foundational titles, only recently returned to publication after far too long – end.

Thanks for reading.

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