Wednesday, September 28

Batman #713 (Oct 2011)

“Storybook Endings”

This is a nice recap of the career of the Batman “family” as it stands right now – which will supposedly change minimally, for the most part, with the New 52 (in the sense that the continuity of this little corner of the DCU will remain largely intact in the DCnU) – interestingly told from the perspective of Damian to three boys (Bob [Kane], Jerry [Robinson], and Bill [Finger] – a nice homage to the three most important creators in the foundation of the character) during Wayne Foundation's “Quake Survivors' Benefit.” That it is Damian telling the story is revealed only at the end, but it is hinted at earlier – most obviously in his assessment of Tim Drake's story: “A young man who uncovered Batman and Nightwing's secret identities became the third Robin. Some consider his assumption of the role a tragedy as well … or at least a tragic mistake ...” Who else but Damian would characterize Tim in such a way! Oh, yeah, the “sibling rivalry” of Tim and Damian is still there, at least for this one last time (hopefully going forward as well; psychologically it makes sense).

But from that point on the strong suspicion that this is Damian's viewpoint renders his assessment of Dick and Damian's relationship as the most recent Batman and Robin quite touching: “Through it all, for [Batman] it was still an adventure. And the new Robin, who had been too focused – unrelenting, so … unforgiving … slowly found himself … learning … from his new mentor – his new … friend. And being his friend was … an honor. Robin would never tell him that, but it was how he felt. … So whereas when they first became partners, Robin might have taken umbrage at being told what to do – or been embarrassed to make a mistake – now, he's accepted it all as part of the process of learning.”

It all ends with Dick and Damian being called away from the benefit by Alfred – and changing in the limousine (“We need something that changes our clothes automatically – like a pole or something.” – “That is ridiculous.” – “No, seriously, we slide down and – ” – “Watch your elbow ...”) – as the three boys marvel through a window at the sight of the Bat-Signal above the skyline.

Actually, as the ending blurb says, it's “Never the End...”

Thanks for reading - Cheers!

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