Tuesday, November 22

Demon Knights #2 and Legion Lost #2 (Dec 2011)

They Shall Not Pass”

DC's New 52 Lord of the Rings fantasy Middle Ages epic continues. As does the battle with dragons that began in the first issue. Not a whole lot to say other than that, and that it goes from one dragon to a horde of dragons – and fireballs – as Mordru and his lady love (her name escapes me – or do we even know?) unleash hell on the town of Alba Sarum. There's a fine mixture of action and humor here – the Demon, as Madame Xanadu is berating him for making to abandon the warriors defending the city: “You may have missed this, my love – but, Demonevil. You always think you can 'reform' me, but – ” – at which point they find themselves right in the path of the dragon horde descending down on the town. “Ah. … That's troubling ...” he muses, “... I can't seem to think of an appropriate rhyme.” Oh, man, things are bad now! And I never thought I'd ever say this, but I like Vandal Savage in this comic! – Like Conan the Barbarian on steroids and crack!

“The Dawn of the Hypersapiens”

We find out some more about how the lost Legionnaires ended up back in the 21st century. We also find out more about the future pathogen that has now been unleashed a thousand years before its time. Unfortunately, the first victim whom they try to help … turns out he doesn't want their help but is rather embracing the fact that he's turning into some kind of Wildfire-esque energy being. The issue itself is narrated by Wildfire – who cannot understand that attitude at all, having lived with the reality.

An okay issue … I actually liked it better than the first. But I can easily see this title becoming a bore if it becomes a Smallville-like “monster of the month” comic. Luckily, I've read enough by Nicieza that I have some faith in him, even though what I've seen so far doesn't look that promising. It is Legion. I'll keep coming back. But I really don't want to have to keep making excuses.

Cheers, and thanks for reading!

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