Monday, November 7

Stormwatch #2 (Dec 2011)

“The Dark Side, Part Two”

I confess, I haven't yet really figured out what's going on or where this is going. So this is likely to be a short blog entry (of course, every time I say that...).

We do see something that I was taken aback by last issue clarified here – how the Midnighter could basically just knock the Martian Manhunter out with a sucker punch. He didn't. J'onn was playing possum to get more information and now extends an invitation to Midnighter in addition to Apollo to join Stormwatch. Of course, that came right after Midnighter had told Apollo, “I know why you stay apart. Why you haven't come out as a 'super-hero'.” What a loaded turn of phrase given what even us who never read these characters before know of them and their relationship!

In a somewhat humorous turn, the leader of Stormwatch, Adam One, has Jenny Quantum warp the media to throw the Justice League off knowing what the situation with the moon really is – and we get to see a mystified supervillain called the Fox getting a beatdown for what the "superheroes" think is happening. Nonetheless, even as the Eminence of Blades wins a mental duel with the intelligence in the moon, Jack Hawksmoor feels his cities screaming – and Jenny detects astronomy websites abuzz with news of something big headed from the moon toward the Earth. What look like big meteors ripped from the moon's surface impact “in the middle of nowhere” – which looks like Kansas (a lot of things seem to hit there, don't they) – but Jack feels it as if there's a city there, and “it feels like the end of the world.”

Next: Invasion Earth! Apollo Unleashed! And a Last-Page Villain You Won't See Coming! (And No, It's Not Harry.)

Still intriguing enough for me to keep getting it ... with faith that Cornell will eventually come through.

By the way, I wish I could claim credit for this perception, but it wasn't until I was surfing the 'net for a cover image that I saw here that this cover is something of an homage to the classic Brave and the Bold #28.  Martian Manhunter is even in the same location on the two covers.


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