Tuesday, November 22

Supergirl #2 (Dec 2011)


There's not a whole lot to say about this issue. The cover image pretty much sums it up. Supergirl fighting Superman in their first meeting, because she can't comprehend that the baby cousin whom she was sitting the day before (from her perspective) is now a grown man. But as they battle back and forth across Siberia and the extent of her new powers slowly dawn on her – not that they came to her gradually apparently, just that she didn't know to try to fly (and apparently thinking about it too much can lead to a fall) – and she finally is confronted with the reality that this planet is not her homeworld, rather home to a race of less powerful beings – she finally calms down enough for Superman to get through to her. Unfortunately he has to tell her, in response to her question, “<But why do you stay here? Why don't you go home to Krypton?>,” that “<... Krypton is gone.>”

And there's a one-page coda, as a scientist/aide/girl-Friday brings a shard of what looks like red Kryptonian sun-crystal to an unseen and unidentified man (I'll bet he's bald). “The artifact we retrieved from the pod is clean. … What do you think it is, Sir?” – “They say knowledge is power, don't they? – Well … This is all the knowledge we'll ever need.” Next: Pieces of Home.

Actually, for a slugfest first-meeting issue this one's not bad. We are given enough insight into Kara's confusion that her reaction to Kal-El actually makes sense. It doesn't just seem like a gratuitous fight. And the suspicion is mutual – at one point he warns her that “<The more you fight, the less I believe you.>” And a nice point is made by Kara in her interior monologue: “This guy's accent sounds like he learned Kryptonian from a textbook. No way he's from Krypton...”

Still liking this book despite my worries. Cheers! And thanks for reading!

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