Saturday, June 18

Batman #710 (7/11)

“Pieces, Part One: Lost”

There are a lot of Tony Daniel-haters out there. I'm not one of them. I've generally liked both his writing and art from when he first appeared in the Batman 'verse a few years ago. He might not be the absolute best at either, but he's solid at both, always, for me at least, delivering a good, well-paced story well-integrating the words and pictures. One aspect of his writing that I have really liked is that he draws a lot of his plot elements from that Batman:Year One/Loeb & Sales corpus of works looking at the early years of Bruce Wayne's career and making them work for stories about Dick Grayson. And so he does here, with the shocker ending of this story hearking all the way back to The Long Halloween by Loeb & Sales. I don't think we've seen the character revealed here since then. Of course, looking at the next issue tag-line, is it really that character at all?

Actually, I just realized that Daniel only wrote this issue; Steve Scott did the pencils, with Ryan Winn inks. Oh well. Still looks good.  I'm still reassured by the fact that Daniel is hanging around for post-Flashpoint, just swapping with Snyder on Detective Comics.

Briefly about this story: Two-Face is on a murderous rampage across Gotham, trying to find his “Preciou---” err, his coin, which has come somehow into the possession of the currently aspiring Boss of Gotham, Mario Falcone (like I said, hearking back to the Crime Families at the center of those early-Bruce stories). There also begins what's surely to be a (how long will it last?) subplot about a demagogue congressman trying to get tracking devices implanted into all of Gotham's felons, to take security “out of the hands of the vigilantes.” Of course, he's doing it for the children “who idolize these so-called 'heroes'.” And another purely Daniel subplot advances (winds down?) as Dick and Selina (Catwoman) work together to try to get Kitrina Falcone (the “white sheep” of the family who has set herself up as “Catgirl”) out of the dangerous game of Gotham vigilantism.

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