Saturday, June 4

X-Men: First Class (2011)

Directed by Matthew Vaughn.

Just got back from the afternoon matinee.  I really liked this movie.  Solid performances by most of the actors, who generally were believable as younger versions of the characters from the earlier movies, good special effects, but most of all a good story.  I particularly liked how this movie played off of real-world events of the early 1960s.  It did make a good prequel for the earlier movies, if you suspend your disbelief as to a couple of plot points as well as the general time-line.  Actually, as to the latter quibble they did address within the movie my initial skepticism that Mystique would have been of the same general age as Charles Xavier and Erik Lehnsherr, and maybe other "discrepancies" could be or even were addressed and I just missed it.

Yes, if you look at my comics pull list you see I'm mainly a DC Comics fan, and always have been, but for a time in the 1970s-early 1980s I was a huge fan of The X-Men.  I liked all three of the previous movies - even the third one that gets roundly panned - four if you count Wolverine (which I also liked though not quite so much).  And one thing I've got to say is that by and large Marvel has been blowing DC out of the water as far as their live-action movies go.  That's disappointing to me, but the way it is, or at least has been.  I do have hopes for Green Lantern, however....


* * *

By the way, unless you like sitting and reading the interminable credits at the end, don't bother.  There's no aftercredits tidbit.  Probably because, as I understand it, the Marvel X-Men movies franchise is held by a separate production company than the ones that are building up to The Avengers next year (Iron Man, Thor, Captain America).

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