Sunday, June 12

Green Lantern #66 (7/11)

“War of the Green Lanterns, Part Seven”

As the issue title indicates, this is part seven of what will end up being a ten part saga spread over three-plus months in three different DC titles: this one, Green Lantern Corps, and Green Lantern: Emerald Warriors. And I've found that for me at least, reading the individual issues of these types of things as they come out can be frustrating. I do it, of course, but often am mystified along the way as to exactly what is going on. I have come to expect, however, and do in this case, that once all the pieces are in and I can read it all together it will be a more satisfying experience. So let me just say that in this issue a lot of stuff happens. The Big Bad of the story, Krona, is basically orchestrating things to remove the blue-skinned little Guardians of the Universe – the curmudgeonly bosses of the Green Lantern Corps – who “betrayed” him eons ago, and to replace them with individuals he has maneuvered into taking up the energies of the various colors of the emotional spectrum – next to himself, of course. We also get to see Sinestro reduced to a piece of clip art as well as that Indigo is not all that she seems. Confusing. Yeah. I'll let you know when I figure it out.

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