Wednesday, June 8

Girasol Pulp Doubles #2(b), The Spider: Claws of the Golden Dragon (2007)

Original pulp magazine cover
By Grant Stockbridge (Norvell Page), originally published in The Spider #64 (January 1939)

This is the latest in publication of any of the Spider stories that I have read, but frankly not much seems to have been different after five years and fifty issues. Still filled with violence, outlandish threats, and nail-biting danger for Dick Wentworth, Nita van Sloan, and company. Don't mess with a winning formula!

From the frontispiece of the story: “It was a scarlet scorpion that reached Richard Wentworth, warning him that the Far East had crept for from its Chinatown lair to raid New York! Victims were dying with a blood orchid in their hearts, and the Dragon screamed! With the police helpless, and Manhattan paralyzed, only Wentworth, in the Spider's somber guise, could hope to battle this Prince of Darkness who was looting a metropolis to found his evil Empire!” To which I would add some really effective descriptions of opium addicted denizens of New York running wild, including a description of a little boy beating his playmate to death. This is not for the faint of heart! But the Spider always saves the day, although he remains on the run, hunted by the authorities and feared by the people whom he protects.


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