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Legion of Super-Heroes #2, Nightwing #2, and Justice League Dark #2 (Dec 2011)

“Hostile World”

I have got to start streamlining these blog entries. And the fact is that I'm so far behind that there are usually multiple excellent synopses/reviews already out there – sometimes for a couple months before I ever get around to it. So I'm going to just start linking to those and adding a couple of comments of my own.

An excellent site for commentary and analysis of everything Legion is LegionAbstract by one Matthew E[lmsley, I believe]. His write-up of this issue can be found here.

I really don't have much to add. Another excellent issue in the series that seems to be least affected by the Relaunch. Good story, excellent art. I do like how, rather than a pin-up style cover, we actually get a different angle on a scene directly from the issue – and by the interior artist, Francis Portela, to boot.
From Flashpoint #5 and this issue
Story-wise, we continue to get direct reference to the Flashpoint Event in these pages, and coming in close conjunction with the “new” character of Glorith, I don't think it's any coincidence that she looks very similar to the DC New 52 Mystery Woman that appeared in Flashpoint #5 and all of the New 52 #1's. (Thatspeculation is not original to me, by the way.) Shady seems truly heartbroken over Earth Man's demise, which is touched on again here. Must be some continuing plot point to be drawn out from this. It's what Levitz does best – multiple threads weaving in and out of a magnificent tapestry. Earth Man's holo-tombstone sums him up: “A Life of Contradiction. A Hero's Death.”

“Haly's Wish”

A good review is here: SimplySuperman-Batman. Dick finds out he's inheriting Haly's Circus from the dying owner – and in short order has a fling with one of his new employees, a red-head (reminds him of who?) that he grew up with in the circus. Like mentor, like … mentee? More gratuitous sex in Gotham. We also find out that the dying Mr. Haly had long ago recognized little Dick Grayson in the Boy Wonder's moves … but by issue's end he has spilled the beans on Dick's identity to the villain (under torture, to be sure), and used his last breath to tell Dick that it's all about some secret “in the heart” of the circus. Higgins cowrote Gates of Gotham with Scott Snyder, and also continues to base his stories on the history of these characters and their world(s). I like it. “Next Issue: On the Road Again.”

“In the Dark, part two: Dark Matter”

See here for a good review: ComicBook and Movie Reviews. This continues to be a beautiful book. I am amazed by the art – and the fact that I've never heard of Mikel Janin before now. His style fits so well. The story's good too, continuing to mix the growing threat of the Enchantress with deep character moments – such as really getting at how creepy Deadman's power plus his natural desire to consummate his new-found love with Dawn really is! And the end was a twist that I didn't see coming – the threat of the Enchantress seems to really be instigated by none other than Madame Xanadu! “Next: Things Get Worse.” I bet they do.

Cheers, and thanks for reading!

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