Monday, December 19

Mystery Men #5 of 5 (Marvel, Nov 2011)

Marvel's foray into neopulp comes to an end, at least for now. It's been very good. In this final issue we see some of the hell that The Operative went through as the son of The General, and their final confrontation once The Operative has gathered the group back together for one last chance to save the kidnapped children from being sacrificed. Sadly, among those they save they do not find the Lindbergh baby. Also sadly, taking down Nox takes all the energy that Achilles had collected, holding nothing back for himself. There is strong hint that the four surviving Mystery Men – The Operative, The Revenant, The Aviatrix, and The Surgeon (who clutches Achilles' power-giving amulet behind his back) – are to continue their fight. Unbeknownst to them, Nox in human form does return his child to Charles Lindbergh – but that must remain secret. It is enough to buy his support for her allies … in Germany … in the person of Baron Zemo …. “The End?” I hope not.

Here's another review.

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