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Aftercredits Scene:  Most often in films within the Marvel Cinematic Universe, short scenes that follow a portion of the ending credits, often pointing toward future movies.

Expandaptation: An adaptation of a work to another medium that takes the opportunity to fill in background and other events that may only be hinted at in the original work. Examples: Dynamite Comics' Warlord of Mars and Lord of the Jungle series; Peter Jackson's The Hobbit Trilogy. Such added material should generally be considered apocryphal or non-canonical with respect to the source.  Of course, in the case of The Hobbit, a lot of it actually is canonical (or at least as much so as anything on the screen might be considered) since it's extensively mined from the appendices to The Lord of the Rings as well as other writings by Tolkien.  But not all.  Azog is long dead.  The elf Tauriel was created from whole cloth.  Legolas is only implicitly in the Wood Elves' kingdom during this period.  And so forth.

Fora:  The correct plural form of the word "forum."  Yes, it's pedantic.  But "forums" bugs the $#!% out of me.  Of course, autocorrect won't accept "fora" as a word, automatically changing it to "for a," which is just as annoying.  Grrr!

Inner'logue: Interior monologue. A character's running commentary or narration to the plot, as often appears orally in film noir and as caption boxes in graphic novels. Sometimes in the latter, multiple characters have parallel inner'logues differentiated by colored captions and/or icons associated with those captions.  And can be adventurous to the point of distraction to try to read....

Net'surfing: You can't figure this one out for yourself?

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